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Hi Ricky, to start off, is it ok for a 14 year old to like a 12 year old? I have been friends with her for a couple of years, but I don't want to ask in case of ruining our friendship. I am not sure what to do, we sre clode friends and sit next to each other at youth group, and we act almost like siblings. Nothing has ever been brought up about starting a boy/girl relationship (between us anyways, our friends joke about it all the time). I really like her, but I am not sure if she likes me back, or just wants to be friends. I really need advice.


Dear Johnny,

14 years is way too young to worry about all this. I would suggest you continue bring good friends without worrying on what to call your friendship as.Don't bother about thinking if she likes you the way you like her. Just be good friends.

You will definitely come to know when she likes you enough. It's natural for friends to joke about this but you need not be influenced by it.

Also, keep yourself busy enough with a hobby or a sport instead of thinking on this. I am sure the overall experience will be great.

Hope this helps.


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I can answer questions related to crushes. I believe I can help teenagers about the problems and difficulties that they have when they get attracted to members of opposite sex. I don't think I will be handle questions on physical relationships and sex.


I am 29 now and I have faced such situations during my teenage and even after that. Based on this, I consider myself adept to be dealing with such situations.

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