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I am 14 and i like this boy on my bus system we only see each other if his and my bus comes early to exchange. I don't even know if he knows i exist and i would really like to talk to him to know him because he looks good and persons says he is nice.How do i approach him qhen he probably doesn't know i exist?

Hi Chelsei,

Do you know his bus number or the route he takes?
If you know that, you might want to match your timings so that you get to meet him.

You could probably start a casual conversation and see where it goes from there.
Pick up some issue may be a hobby, current issues or some game and just start talking about it.

I would advise you to be casual and not get too excited.
Don't expect anything from him and see how it goes.

Take it step by step.. and it could be better if you get to know him better before if you proceed further.

Hope this helps.


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