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i found out some news about my crush but I don't know how to confront him or if I even should...he's been flirting for
months now, he told me he was single with a child.....I said u r too cute to be single...he smiled.....

well after while I gave him my number and said me and u lunch assuming he wasn't flirting for nothing and he said
we'll see.... well that hasn't happened ...but he's still flirting and touchy feely towards me.....

if he sees me out during lunchtime he'll walk next to me so we can talk.....well after doing some research
I found out he is engaged and has been engaged for 3 years.....he has no clue that I know....

should I confront him or leave it alone...and just keep the "friendship" going.....he is a really good listener....
and I love talking to him.....if I confront him then he'll know I was doing some investigating.....

help me and thanks..btw im 31 and he is 41. ... if you recommend I stop talking to him, please give me some advice as to how to end the 'friendship"

Dear Sasha,

This really depends on how well you know each other and if he is serious about you.
While you said that he flirts with you, you will need to ask yourself if he was playful or serious when he did that. Only you would know the answer for this.

In case you think he was serious and if you believe that he indicated his feelings in anyway to you in the past, then you can think of confronting him.But if he was playful and if it is more of you feeling flirty about him, then you should probably let it go and continue being a friend with him.

If he is serious and then not told you about his engagement, then I don't think you should trust him. You should ask him why he did that to you. In this case, it is about your trust. I don't think you should even bother about having him as a friend and instead should just move on with your life.

Hope this helps.


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