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2 weeks ago, I met this guy during summer camp. We went off pretty well, and I started to like him(just a crush), and when I look at him i notice that he was looking at me too. He teased me a lot, like pulling on my hoodie to wake me up, doodling on my homework, etc. We exchanged Instagram a few days before the camp finished. I DMed him, and we were chatting all night. Then he asked me if I had iMessage, so we started talking on there. On the last day of camp, I asked him whether he had a girlfriend or not, and he said no. That night on iMessage, during a conversation, he said he's gonna explain his relationship status to me. He said that he likes a girl, and the girl likes him, but they aren't in a relationship yet. Maybe the end of the year is good timing, he also said. I have to admit, I was kinda sad that he likes someone else, but I wanted to be his friend so I didn't dwell on it that much. We have been chatting everyday since we finished camp, and we mostly end up talking every might until we its midnight. I know he likes someone, but he said "I miss you", and "I'll be thinking about you" while texting, and he says "goodnight" every night. I'm REALLY confused. Does he like me more than a friend? Thank you. Btw, he didn't talk to other girls at camp. Only me and my best friend since we were in the same group. And my best friend said that she hasn't contacted the guy so I know he isn't into her.

Dear Stella,

It's clear that you have feelings for him. From what you have explained, it is likely that he likes you the same way as well. He was also probably being very honest, when he told you that he liked another girl as well. I think it is very much possible for a guy or a gal to like more than one person at one time.

While it is likely that he likes you more than a friend, you might want to give this a little more time say around 6 months to have more clarity on this. But for now, I would suggest that you continue being a good friend to him without getting too much into him. This will mean that while text him or chat with him, you should also have a major task/work that is more important to you. Start giving more time to a hobby that you always wanted to pursue but were not able to.

The problem with getting too much into this right now will be that you will have to cut a sorry face if he doesn't reciprocate your feelings. So it might help if you continue being good friends with him, taking care not to get too intimate.

Hope this helps.

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