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Dealing with Depression/How to best deal with my wife who has depression


going soon wrote at 2010-06-27 05:17:22
I'm sorry but that's a crap answer. This guy has been putting up with her crap for 8 years...i have been doing the same with my wife for 13 years.  your life become misery revolving around their mood swings, depression and anger outbursts.  Trust me your life will be better without it and she if not only affecting your, your children have no chance of being normal either.

base wrote at 2011-08-01 15:48:36
Hi there

my fiance was diagnosed with clinical depression just over 2years ago.  We met soon after that and fell deeply inlove. From the very begining she told me her problem but it didnt stop me from lovin her. I was prepared to help and put all afforts and make sure she gets better. As every other couple we also have problems but when we do i always asked myself is thamy rrason for us to break up and furthrrmore i love her too much to split up. But of recent i feel helpless, she becomrs sad quiet and down. I dont know how to help her and i now i am starting to blame myself for this problem. I start to think that maybe she is like this because she is not happy with me. I try to support her and show her i love her but i feel lie she is just pushing me away. I find myself crying to bed at times because i dont know what im not doing or what i am doing.i know her love her but is there ibcan do to help her or anyway you can help me?i feel like i dont have control.anymore and that or relatipnship is going downhill.pls help me?


DDave wrote at 2013-07-02 21:51:07
Honestly, leave her before you end up an old man with nothing but regrets.  Regrets on how your kids were abused and affected by this and how you failed to shield your family from her.

I learned this lesson the hard way.  I lost everything. And once I did, the universe found yet another way to bring me down... Yeah, I know... I already stated I lost everything... so how could the universe do anything further to me?  Nothing to lose should equate to me being at rock bottom, but no!  The universe has taught me how to hurt a man who has nothing to lose.... just give him something that's broken...  

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