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hi, i have been diagnosed with mild depression 3 weeks ago by my GP and have been given a dose of tablets, but he said it would take 2 weeks to start working and lately i have been feeling worse. i have been feeling suicidal but don't want to die. i have got a new job but i don't feel ready to go back to work as my last jobs made the depression worse and had to leave. can you give me any advice what i should do?
i know the cause of my depression and don't know how to deal with it.

Hi Paula,

I am missing information on what you know is the "cause" of your depression, and that prevents me from directing my response to your query in a specific manner.

Non-specifically, depression is the product of thought and the power you give it! Feelings and emotions follow logarithmically to the content of the thought you permit to stay in focus within your conscious stream (thought follows in fashion to content and produces effects in harmony with that content). Thought overrides our present reality and despite the coolness and taste of the ice-cream sliding smoothly down our throats we fail to appreciate the reality of that due to the content of the thought in our heads and the effect it has over our senses within the present moment. We simply cannot taste the ice-cream for the false reality we have replaced it with in our conscious stream. That content could be related to traumatic events that happened earlier, or to dreaded events that could be coming in the future. Our focus races with the traumatic or dreaded thoughts we give power to, and we deliver ourselves unto depressive states by focusing on non-existent states of fictitious reality. Our emotions, feelings, bodily sensations begin to respond in harmony with those depressive thoughts and we spiral ever-deeper into non-existent realms that we mistake for reality. We sacrifice the pleasure in our present experience for the self-induced effects of the thoughts we conjure up concerning these unreal states of traumatic or dreaded thoughts.

The cure is simple. Wipe the thoughts that separate your focus from your reality. Taste the ice-cream! Enjoy its coolness. Experience its taste. Notice how smooth it feels. Be aware of its very existence in harmony with your own. Any thought that enters into the equation that is not directly related to your present experience, wipe it!

There is no need for medications to "cure" you of depression, for "meds" only mask the symptoms. They do nothing to treat the underlying problems which manifest the symptoms.

Reconnection with present experience, where the brain and body are synced to the reality of the moment, that is free from thought distraction which only separates this unity, is the immediate cure for all aberrant process (abnormal processes).

Here on my blog you can find some information on depression, centering (within reality), wiping (thoughts), and techniques to overcome aberrant processes.  

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