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dear friend:
I have 4 epeisodes of reactive depresion...according what I have reand in internet it is impossible to be the same person as before. I have 1 year without sexual intercourse with my wife. I take 4 pills for depression and I do not recover from it. What is your opinion
Thank you

Hi Anton,

The clinical definition of reactive depression is when a person loses a loved one, when a marriage breaks down, when there is financial loss.  Itís unclear as to whether you have had the same experience four times, or have had four different experiences.

That aside, what you said you read on the internet, that.. ďit is impossible to be the same person as before.Ē is nonsense..  People change every day No one is ever the same regardless of what they experience, as any experience, good or bad, changes them in some way, shape or form.

Besides that, it is possible to heal whatever grief you are feeling and you can do it without pills, that donít address the cause of your issues, but are merely masking the symptoms by trying to numb your mind to what you are feeling. Of course, healing this is not going to be easy as it means doing the opposite of what you have been doing to deny the feelings and emotions that you have been feeling.  How well you heal and how long it takes is entirely up to you, as no one can do it for you, but you.

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