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dear friend:
I have 4 epeisodes of reactive depresion...according what I have reand in internet it is impossible to be the same person as before. I have 1 year without sexual intercourse with my wife. I take 4 pills for depression and I do not recover from it. What is your opinion
Thank you

You may have unresolved issues from your past that you need to face and heal.

Suppose you saw a homeless man reach out his hand and raise a dead person to life and speak to a violent storm and command it to be calm, and you saw it happen. What would you think? You heard the same man teach people to love their enemies and to care for the poor. You saw him feed 5,000 hungry people starting with just five loaves and two fishes, with 12 baskets of food left over after the meal. After that, you saw the man killed by his enemies and then you saw him alive again a few days later? What would you think? Curious? THERE'S MUCH MORE HERE

Dealing with Depression

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This online course ( see ) may provide the insight you need and take your healing a little further.


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