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Dealing with Depression/lose taste on all things


I m suffering a case for last two years  increasing with time but I think that it reach maximum now days  and want to consult you , I m feeling with the following

1- sleep to much or couldn't sleep or distracted sleep ?
2- loss on appetite
3- hate all things I love (creative writing - play music - roving - collage arts , travel ..................)
4- boring all the time despite of I have lot of interest like reading also have lot of friends)
5- I couldn't concentrate on reading
6- I couldn't concentrate on watching anything
7- I couldn't concentrate with some one speak to me (during the conversation with anyone specially my friend , suddenly I m being separate on other world that let people annoy from me )
8- boring from people , family , also friends moreover intimate friends
9- doubt on intentions of all people around me whether collegues-partners-family-friends...... feeling that all betrayers-unloyal-infidel-envious-grudge
10- distracted on thinking also on taking decisions
11- despite of I have photographic memory but I forgetting many things feeling with data mind distortion
12- my emotion toward all persons I love disturbed , I feel that they change toward me I doubt their intention and emotions toward me
13- too lazy , sluggish , tired , exhausted , sometimes my performance descend on work also I couldnt complete the days and back home early before the day off
14- hate my work
15- don't want to make a conversation   with anyone despite of I m talkative person also social person but I tend to be introverted last year
16- thinking on death , want to die ( not suicide surely ) but wish to sleep and found myself died or happen to me an accident ..........................
17- feeling lonely - orphanage ( my mother and father alive and live with me )
18- feeling that all this world is a big prison
19 - loss my freedom-willing-ability-talent-interests-live appetite
20- don't want to learn anything , develop anything , create anything also don't care about my health despite of I m suffering from several health issues
21- don't care about my cleanliness like showers-body cleaning - teeth cleaning - shoes also my cloth appearance
22- my face on creature is smiley but on later few month my face was gloomy all the time my face muscle fixed on that gloomy view , people around me observing that all the time
23- when I m combing my hair I found a lot of hair on the brush
24- I feeling that I lost my talents-skills-abilities-knowledge-purposes couldn't do or be benefit on  live further more ( I m useless)
25- I m 29 years old male unmarried
sorry for prolonging but please let me know your diagnosis also advise

This is indeed a long list. These may be symptoms of hypoglycemia ( in which case it can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (
But a list of symptoms does not always indicate ONE disease. It could be a combination of other diseases. For instance people with hypoglycemia may have also be suffering from allergies or toxic overloads.

My advice is that if the hypoglycemic diet does not give relief after say three months, to seek advice from ma doctor or clinical nutritionist.

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The Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia.
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Dealing with Depression

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