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hi,i am really worried about not being able to complete my goals,this depresses me immensely.I do not know how to face my obstacles,i just cant solve them.My life has stagnated and i make no progress,pls help,thanks

Hi Kelly,

This should help in all the areas you requested for help.


Set objectives!

<li>How are you going to reach your goals: answering this question leads to objectives?
<li>List these objectives in a document and use these as a roadmap to get there.</li><li>List your objectives in priority sequence: what is most important first to what is least important last.</li> <li>Set time limits when you expect these objectives to be accomplished. <li>Give enough time to complete these objectives.</li> <li>Be realistic about how long they should take.</li> <li>Allow more time than less to complete each objective: this takes the pressure off in trying to complete an objective when you have not given yourself enough time to do so.</li></li></li>


Here on my Ampersun Depression Blog you can find information: diagrams showing how depression looks so that you can get a visual to help you understand its patterns better; techniques to help you bring it under your control rather than have it control you. Note these are medication-free techniques, so no nasty side effects that are associated with that type of treatment; and explanations on what the root cause of depression is so that your understanding is fully informed. My Blog challenges the current belief of the root cause of depression, also its current "drug fix", and I provide sound treatment that requires only your understanding and effort to regain power and control in your life.  

You can always contact me on AllExperts again if you would like more help.


<li>Work from a written document and not from memory - get the obstacles out of your head and list them for visual reference in a document of some sort. This frees you from the confusion and difficulties associated with working out problems from inside your head. Circular referencing, where you continue to come back to the same thought, you avoid because you can see at a glance what you have already dealt with in your document.<li>Deal with one obstacle at a time. This permits you to focus extensively on specific obstacles rather than jumping aimlessly from one obstacle to another without producing results.</li><li>Brainstorm each obstacle. List as many possible solutions as you can think of. Do not judge them yet! Just list them, and get them in your document. After you have listed as many as you, or others can think of, then begin looking at each one of those possibilities in more depth. This is the time to judge them. Give each one a thorough consideration: remember to list everything - keep it our of your head and keep it in written form for visual reference: this is most important to remember and do consistently, put it in written form!<li>Identify new objectives that manifest from within the solutions you decide are the ones you will use to overcome your obstacles.</li></li></li>

<Stagnation and Progress:

<li>Without actually working on this section you have overcome both of these things with the efforts put forth in the steps above. You must do the work though or there will be no one else to blame for the continuance of the problems you list in your help request. Good luck, and like the it says in the novel, "Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey: "never give an inch!"</li>

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