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Dealing with Depression/a blow to my self-esteem


hello amper,
i was walking in a parking lot while getting some exercise. as i was heading for the corner where cars go in and out to and from the street/highway, i heard a car coming. i just figured i'd pick up the pace and try to be it. the lady in the car cut me off. i then had to walk around her car. i thought she was very rude. she could have just waited for me to pass the opening. i felt and still feel like had been had. i thought she would been a little intimidated by my presence, because i am a fair size guy, and she was smaller and kind of petite. she just seemed to look through me like i was nothing. i wouldn't have minded so much if the person in the car had been an older lady or a man. i just need some feedback on how to rise above my feelings over this situation. thanks for your time

Hi Greg,

To rise above your feelings, learn to be the master of your own thoughts.

All our feelings, behaviours, values, and beliefs stem from the thoughts we entertain in our minds. The power we give to those thoughts permits them to control us as they remove our awareness from the present moment of experience. If we learn to wipe the thoughts we entertain then we regain power and control over them: we become the master again. If we cling to thoughts that surround past events they overpower our present reality and coerce judgements from us. We then become unaware due to the power we invest in clingy or anticipatory thoughts. You wanted to "beat the car" to the intersection: anticipatory thought. The woman made you feel like you had been "had": clingy thought about past events, those feelings are related to the values (thoughts about what the woman should have done). Those thoughts removed you from interaction with present reality and prevented you from seeing the way things truly are. Let's review that scenario of events another way, from reality. A man walks along a street. A car pulls out in front of him cutting off his forward progress. The man stops briefly before resuming his forward movement by walking around the car. Once around the other side of the car the man continues on his way as the car pulls away in another direction. Where is the problem? No one was hurt. The man made it to his destination unscathed. The driver moved along to her destination. If there is any conflict with any of those actions, it lies within the mind of the individual. The power we give to thought controls us. Wipe the thought and we control the thoughts.

Pass your hand in front of a mirror. The mirror does not anticipate the hand coming nor does it cling to the image once it has passed. The nature of the mirror is simply to reflect the hand that appears before it. Let your mind be like the mirror. Do not anticipate events to come, nor cling to those that have become a part of past events. Reflect only on the what is before you now. When a car cuts you off, you stop. No thought! No reaction other than what nature instinctively teaches you: stop! Any reaction further from this is a product of thought and the power you are giving to it. When the way is clear, proceed. Do not carry any image with you from the event: do not cling mentally to the event. Do not allow any image to form in your mind. Only reflect what is happening in the moment. No reaction is allowed to form. It is only when you stop to think about it, then the mind becomes obscured. When walking, walk only. When stopping, stop only. Any thought that attempts to invade this nature of reality, wipe it.

Dust collects on the mirror and it obscures the image present before it. If enough dust collects the image will not reflect at all. Wipe the dust and the mirror is restored to its pristine reflective state. Thoughts are the dust. If thoughts collect in the conscious mind the images before you become obscure. Reality becomes diffuse with thoughts that form emotions, feelings, and they lead to other thoughts. Soon the thoughts run rampant in the consciousness. If enough thoughts are entertained within the mind you can not see reality at all. The dust has gathered and it hinders the ability to reflect with pristine clarity. Wipe the dust from the mirror and the mind is restored to its pristine state of interacting with reality as it happens now.!

The brain interacts with the external world through the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Through those senses the brain constructs a reality about the environment. The body is firmly rooted in reality: it can never leave reality, while it is the mind that wanders. The mind foolishly believes that the thoughts it entertains is real and thus it falls into illusionary discourse with fantasy. The mind however can find its way back home to reality through the body and its connection with the five senses. Wiping then, is a process of focusing on the senses, or any one of them, as reality interacts upon them in the present moment. Focusing on the senses as they are happening in real time without forming reactions to what is sensed is wiping the dust from the mirror. When touching a full cup with the palm of the hands: do not think hot, or cold. Just experience the temperature without forming judgements upon the sensation. Then thought can not enter into the equation and control you. Wiping through the body this way permits you to regain power and puts you in control of the thoughts.

With the incident that happened. Wipe it! There is no right or wrong to any of it. Right and wrong are products of thought and enforce the value system, beliefs, behaviours, and feelings of thoughts. Focus on your present reality and the senses within it, as they are happening. When you become aware that thoughts are forming, wipe! It is a continual process of thought, illusion, and wiping, to bring the mind under control and see reality as it appears constantly before you. The mind will grow stronger and the things that bother you now will fade into the illusion which they truly are.  Strengthen you present reality through the study of the mirror analogy, dust on its surface, and the reflection before it. Remember, you are the master, not the slave!

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