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Dealing with Depression/Former child stars gone bad.


I'm not exactly sure how to ask this question without going into too much detail, but I was wondering if you might have any clues as to why so many former Hollywood child actors have real bad meltdowns in adulthood? Is it because Hollywood forgot about them, is it drugs and alcohal, or what?

Child stars were famous mostly because they were ... children... They were cute...had the look for the part...etc...
So they grow up...they're not cute anymore...they mostly lose whatever fame they had- the road to fame is a cruel and short road...
So now they want their glory back, but can't, cause they can't stay children forever...and if their current lives are not as famous as their childhood one, they start to grow bitter and sad...and depressed...
It's the same thing when a fashion model becomes too old for the work and turns to porn/drug/alcohol.

Dealing with Depression

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