Dealing with Depression/Under the Weather?


So I guess you could say this happens a lot.
But where I live, the weathers been really yucky lately.
And every time the weather gets yucky, I start feeling bad. Not like sick bad.
Like depressed. Like something's missing. I'm 16. I've found myself laying in bed for hours just staring at a wall. With a blank expression. I feel emotionless when it's like this.
Is something wrong with me?
What do I do to make me feel better?

Hi Taylor,

Depression is the result of thought which remains in focus. The longer the thought remains the focus, the deeper the depression becomes. Thought, any thought, good or bad, is the great detractor which blocks our interaction with reality. As a result, illusory thought becomes our reality and it is this illusory grasp which spirals us downwards into the depths of aberrant thought processes which result in depression, manic episodes, etc. It is thought which leads us into actions based on the content of the thought we focus on or give power to. Liking and disliking anything, such as the weather, is a judgement based on the thought. If dislike becomes the focus the thought grows and drags us down emotionally.

To overcome depression, wipe the thoughts which formulate in the mind. They are unreal and yet the power they carry can overwhelm you. How do you wipe the thought? Focus on any one of the major five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Do not like or dislike any sense or form any judgements based on the sensations. Just experience. When hot, just hot! No, "I like this hot...", or "this is too hot", etc. The senses returns the mind to reality and it obliterates the illusion that thought creates. If you tell yourself you are depressed the result will be depression! Do not tell yourself you are not depressed either because this too is illusion based on thought. Just sense the real world without judging it. People go to all lengths to avoid reality when in fact it is all we have since nothing can happen independent of it! Wipe the thoughts which formulate in the mind, become aware of thought as it forms, be aware of its power, practice wiping diligently, if you still suffer depression, it is because you are not wiping the thoughts!

Depression is a choice. Once you know the secret behind its root it cannot defeat you, ever! And there is no need for outside help to overcome it either. The power lies within you and your ability to control your thoughts. Many professionals make oodles of money off the depression industry, when in fact it is really this simple... wipe the thoughts which are at the root of all aberrant processes!

Thought is slave not the master. Yet many people are slaves to their thoughts simply because they are not aware of the power they give to them. Control your thoughts and you can conquer anything.

Here on my blog you can find more information on depression and the techniques to overcome it. After you read that we can discuss depression on a deeper level if you would like more help.

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