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I do not know what to do. I am an A+ student in high school and I have a good life, but i have been having severe depression lately. It is to the point where i am considering and planning suicide on a daily basis. Ive attempted suicide before due to similar reasons. I just played it off though so that my parents wouldnt freak out. I have also been getting migraines a lot more frequently. I have medication fir them, but i havent told my doctor what actually causes them. My migraines almost always begin because i hear multiple voices talking throughout my head. I could be in a room completely alone, and there will be several people always screaming or whispering. Im scared to say anything to anyone. I feel this normal? Whats happening to me? What should i do?

Hi Lindsay,

Well first off, I need to say that you are NOT crazy and that, YES, this is normal for people that have special gifts and powers. We have been ignorantly told by others that hearing voices is a sign that one is crazy and so we are afraid to acknowledge that we hear them, while also feeling helpless in not knowing what to do that others dismiss and scoff at.  The movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayse comes to mind as Whoopi Goldberg plays the part of the psychic that hears his voice after he was dead. Now that you know that you are not crazy, let me tell you what you need to do.

Wow! I don’t write comments like this very often, but I got chills over my body knowing that you are an incredibly psychically gifted person and that you are going to have a real impact in the New World that is to be. Okay, having said that, you need to begin by getting yourself a journal and writing down all that you are going to experience and also what these new experiences remind you of. You also need to download my free eBook1 “Journeys from the Heart Centre“ from my website and  just follow your intuition to what chapter or page your need to read. You might begin with Chapter 7, 9 or 10 and then go from there. You also need to begin to challenge these voices, and this is where your journal comes in. You need to ask these voices who they are and why they are there and want they want and keep asking until you get an answer that feels right. If you don’t, then tell them that they are lying and denying the truth and that you are not falling for their BS and that they need to leave and go to their right place.  These voices can be that of Guilt, Shame, the inner critic, Lucifer, or any other unloving entities. dead people, people that you know that are alive, ET’s, fairies, animals, plants, elements, your guides, angels and the list goes on.  There is more to this that you can read in my book.
I hope this helps you and if you need more information, you know where you can reach me.


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