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"Sir i want to ask some questions from you and hope you will satisfy me.

Q: My Psychiatrist has prescribed me (Bisoprolol Hemifumarate 2.5) <concor> for anxiety my question is that is this medicine used for anxiety.
Q: And is Propranolol ( Inderal)used for anxiety if both are anti-anxiety agents then which is best.

Hi Ihsan Ali,

I have changed this question to public so that readers, and the other professionals on this forum may become more aware of underlying aberrant behaviours of some visitors to this site.

Dating back to at least September 2012, you have contacted me as well as other professionals numerous times on All Experts perplexing over, and quizzing about, various medications which have been prescribed to you by your "psychiatrist". Some of those question periods have ended up in the "question pool" because the volunteers on this forum have tired of the onslaught and so they pass the issue onto other Experts. I will repeat, and should expect that once I do, you will not persist with fulfilling your need to waste the time and efforts of volunteer professionals on this forum. My answer as well as theirs will remain the same. Any further questioning regarding material already discussed with you by All Experts volunteers is fruitless folly to pursue different responses to the same wonderment.

I do not endorse the use of any medications to treat psychological disorders. For those who are new to this forum and who are earnestly seeking alternate professional advice and opinion, medications do little to treat the underlying disorders as is evidenced here through Mr Ali's persistent neediness. The medications only mask the aberrant psychological symptoms and they introduce a host of, often more severe, side effects which the patient then has to overcome and deal with as well as overcome and deal with the pre-existing disorder.

Mister Ali, if you are seeing a psychiatrist, then perhaps you could discuss the medications, their side effects, and which ones are best with that professional rather than coercing volunteers here to cross-counsel on an issue that is better handled by the originating doctor. While you are speaking with your psychiatrist perhaps you could address the need you exhibit to maintain continual communications with psychological professionals over you sustained trivia for medications information.  If you were approaching the experts here with questioning that pertains to that need for continual contact with trained professionals, then I am sure you would obtain much needed advice that would help you to deal with that set of presenting problems.

What you are doing amounts to "pestering". The repeatable answers you receive only preserve the presenting disorder of psychological need. The experts here are volunteers and we provide our time to help those people who cannot get the help  they need elsewhere. We provide this service free of charge and out of a deep concern for the well-being of fellow man. Our time is valuable and we should not have to endure the continual trivia that only robs others of the much needed help they come to All Experts for.

Please talk to your psychiatrist about your medications and your persistent need to fulfil close connection with trained professionals. Perhaps your psychiatrist could uncover the latent tendencies which imbue you with such dire need for professional attention if only your psychiatrist were to become aware of your behaviours away from the office visits?

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