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Hi, my name is Rachel. I'm 30 y/o and a female. I'm a proud mother of two little boys and married. I have been moderately depressed lately and I have a question that I hope you can maybe help me with.

So lately I've been having problems with my father and brother my childhood family consists of my mother father and brother. My parents went through a bad divorce about 4 years ago which somehow left my father extremely depressed. Anyways, that divorce created a huge divide on our family. I now have my own family and so does my brother. I believe my father has mental issues now. I guess I think he went crazy.

About 6 months ago my father packed up all his stuff and moved. And he didn't tell me where. He didn't say bye. We were never close but he was a great provider. So my question is why do you think I cry about it? I'm thirty. I have a family. I was never close to him. Why do I care he is gone? Sometimes I think I'm just crying because i feel sorry for myself because I feel like I deserve a father who likes me.

I think I would like to find a therapist of some sort but I think my problem sounds kinda stupid. I'm kind of old to be having dad issues. But honestly if I go out shopping and see a vehicle like his I just start crying. Or if I hear from my brother that dad called I get really mad. I just understand what I could have done to him to make him want to far away from me. I finished college. I took care of him when he was sick. I was his shoulder to cry on when my mom left him after 27 years.

I have never been to a therapist, should I try it?

Hello Rachel,
From a distance I am not sure whether your depression is of a environmental nature of of a biological nature, It is probably both. I suggest you first try to treat your depression by nutritional means. Most people who are depressed have hypoglycemia (,) which causes the over-production of stress hormones. These form the symptoms of mood disorders including depression over which you would not have conscious control.
This can be treated without resort to drugs by going on a Hypoglycemic Diet (

Please also read:
Depression is a Nutritional Disorder

But if the depression due to your social history, I certainly recommend that you see a psychotherapist, provided you have treated your hypoglycemia first.

I hope this may have helped.

Jurriaan Plesman, Nutritional Psychotherapist.
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