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i was at a fast food restaurant waiting for my order. when i finally got it i started heading back to my chair, along the way i saw a young lady carrying a tray. she was heading closer and closer in my path way. she wouldn't move out the way. we approached one another and ended up brushing each other. i was upset with her because she was much younger than myself,and she wasn't polite enough to give me more room. this may sound silly, but i was also disappointed that she didn't find me intimidating in any way. i'm a fair sized guy with a long beard. so, my pride was also hurt a bit.   i've been a bit down about this all day. i would like some feedback on how to get over this situation and move on. thanks for your time.

Hi Greg,

Sometimes we can get upset over a small matter and not even no why -  yet you want to forget it but keep dwelling on it.

We don't know what the other person was thinking.  All we can do is give someone the benefit of a doubt such as: Maybe she thought that since you were a man, that a man is polite and steps aside for the woman  - that chivalry still exists. That is possible and it does not matter how big or how old you are, but what matters is that you are a man and she may have "expected" you to step aside.  Or maybe she did not even care and just kept walking.  Or she could have been thinking the same thing you were - that you were not "polite enough to give (her) more room."   

Were your expectations such that you expected her to move out of the way?

You can go on and on and on about this, but don't waist your mental energy.

Something is bugging you. So, ask yourself if you set expectations and when people do not meet them,
you become upset in some way.  

Try and analyze yourself. Sit down with paper and pen.  Write down: I felt intimidated by the young lady because-------------. Write 3 or 4 things. Then go back and look at your first item.  Other phrases you can use is:  I felt upset because-----------    

What else does it remind you of?  Write that out and then continue on with the second item, and see if a pattern forms such as a memory, or that you might set yourself up by setting expectations on other people (and that is common among many people).  If it is expectations, just teach yourself to "expect the unexpected" and it will save you a lot of mental energy and hurt feelings.

Hope these ideas help you in some way.

Dr. Pat  

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