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Hello Maam,
         I'm From Hyderabad and i play professional cricket might also know how the competetion is over here in india.from many days i'm having a problem regarding my future.seeing my higher level players i'm feeling jelous of my self and sometimes i have the self confidence that i would become a big player but again at the same time when i see the players who play in higher level then i again loose my self confidence that i cannot become a big player  wherever i go i think of my cricket career so to distract myself i watch movies and try to pass the time but sometimes i feel so depressed sometime's that i dont even know what i'm doing so please help me maam.

Sorry for the late reply.
Even the most successful people have their own share of failures, frustrations, self doubt and shortcomings.To excel in any field, you require not only talent and hard work but also the right attitude. Whenever your mind is filled with self doubt and insecurity, try to focus on ways to overcome it.Talk to someone,your friend or relative,who knows you well and can boost your morale.Take assistance of someone who can help you improvise your skill and gain confidence.Just remember,when the going gets tough,only the tough gets going.
All the best.

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I have completed M.B.B.S from IGGMC Nagpur.i have completed M.D.(Psychiatry) & D.P.M. from GMC & Sir J.J.Group of hospitals,Mumbai in 2011. I have done the basic training in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

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