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Hi :) I am 29 years old female. I had depression since high school, but was in denial for awhile, I am reading self help books went to therapy for awhile, but I guess I need to put things into action more. However, I am having trouble. I feel like something is blocking me from overcoming my depression. I feel like I'm trapped in the darkness. I do feel hopeless about the future. I feel like I won't find a home I will like, I feel like I won't find a man(How do I know if I am worthy of love if I never had been asked out on a date? The only attention guys gave me was just to get into my pants, I rather hold my virginity for the one), I don't have the career I want. I want out of this circle I am in. Any advice? How do you deal with doubt/hopelessness?

Hi Kelly,

That which is blocking you from overcoming, is nothing more than thought and the power you give it! Your feelings are the product of those thoughts which reamin in focus and which you permit to fester and grow into aberrant processes. These thoughts instill worry, doubt, and hoplessness. Become aware of the thoughts that you permit to grow in such a way and read here on my blog to find some information on depression and how to overcome it by "wiping" and "centering". Using these techniques you can unify body and mind in the present moment of reality, free from illusion and fantasy. By learning to wipe anticipatory and clingy thought formulations, through the process of centering, you will gain freedom from aberrant processes and nothing will defeat you.

When people expect complexity, the simple is hard to accept!

Contact me again if you need more assistance after reading the information on my blog.

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