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i am currently in my last year of high school, and it is the most stressful year that i have ever been through with exams and assessments, this year i have had some trouble with my friends that i have known since primary school but I've gotten over that now. i find myself feeling very lethargic and not in the mood to talk to anyone, i feel like isolating myself, because lately everyone seems to irritate me even my best friend. My mum and dad are the most supportive parents ever who will help me with whatever i need, they constantly keep asking me if I'm ok, but the thing is that i really don't know anymore, i feel like i do the same thing over and over again its driving me insane.

so i just want to know, am i depressed or am i just stressed out, if so how do i deal with it because i feel like I'm in one spot where i just can't move.

Thank you :)

Sorry for the late reply.
Adolescence is a phase when you feel irritated, on your edge , angry and frustrated over small matters.It is because of the harmonal changes which are taking place within your body . Also because at this stage you confused about everything , be it career or relationship. Whether you are going through what every teenage experiences or depression needs to be evaluated. I would like to know if your sleep and appetite is alright,whether your irritable moood is pervasive, do you feel sad and hopeless about your future.I would advise you to see the counsellor in your school and discuss with him/her about your problem.
All the best
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