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I am spending a nice life, But still some minor problems are creating messy in my happiness. They are:

1) Sometimes , for no reason I use to feel jealous.
For example: if I am with a person and that person talk to another person. In this case, I feel so bad and jealous. I want that, if a person is with me, then that person should be with me always. That person should be mine always.
I don't want my peoples (those who are with me) should be others friends too.
I know that my thoughts are ridiculous and that can't be possible, that a person should be my friend only. But what should I do my thoughts are uncontrollable.

2) My second problem is that I can't accept new people and sudden change in my life and in my daily routine.
For example: if someone comes suddenly in my home and that person say that he/she will be in my home for next 3 or 4 days.
In this case I will be so disturbed by the sudden presence of that person.
I like people come in my home and stay there for long but I want they should inform me early, so then I can set my mind for that.

3) My third problem is dealing with different minds.
I can't deal with a different mind
For example: if I am sitting in a room with 4 to 5 different persons and  they all are talking, if someone talks about something which I  don't like or disagree about that thing, then I feel so bad and my mood swings completely and I began to dislike that person.
Accepting new and different persons and sudden changes of life and daily routine is disturbing me a lot.
Please help me!
I will be thankful to you!

The key here is to find out why you have these feelings- because they are not normal.
Well, the second one, the one where you hate changes, some people have that, but 1 and 3 are definitely extreme.
Only by figuring out why you have these feelings in the first place will you find a way to deal with them once and for all.
The way to do it is to be honest with your self, and be direct with your self, ask your self why, and more why.
When I am angry, I ask my self, why are you angry? and keep asking until you get to the bottom of it- sometimes you'll find that you end up laughing at your self.
Here's an example...
"Why are you so angry?"
"Cause...cause she didn't call me when she said she was going to!"
"But why does that make you angry?"
"Cause I was expecting her to call!"
"And what was so important about the call?"
"Well cause I wanted to talk to her!"
"And why did you want to talk to her?"
"Cause I had to tell her something!"
"Well why didn't you call her then?"

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