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Daniel, I am a recent college graduate and have been battling depression like symptoms for much of my life. I have some good days and some really bad days. What makes the depression even worse is the climate. I happen to live in Pittsburgh, PA, which is just about the gloomiest major U.S. city next to Seattle. Summers are fine, but much of the year (particularly the winter) is really tough for me to handle. I've lived in PA my entire life and really find my mood improving dramatically on nice clear sunny days. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has ONLY 60 of such days in an entire year! I've done my research on sunnier places and there are ones not too far from here. The only problem I struggle with is loss of friends and having to start over again. Moving to a new city would mean sacrificing what I have built here. However, the endless gray skies are really pushing me to move. It's becoming really really bad that even a gray sky in summer will bum me out or when it's hazy out. It's like I need a blue sky with sun to be happy. I love everything else about this city and it's really difficult to just pack up and move. But the constant overcast is just too much on my depression. Is moving even rational? I've mentioned this to a therapist once (who I no longer see) and his solution was to move.

Weigh your gains and losses. Would losing your friends increase your depression more than the gray skies? If you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) you can A) move or B) get a special SAD light and keep your friends. Here are some lights but I'm sure you can find them at Walmart

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