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I have sufered from 3 hard episodes of reactive depression, with plenty of anxiety. NOw, I have my 4th episode but with a litle anxienty, just few somptoms but long lasting. I have takin dapression pills sinse aougust of last year. In this 4th episode i do not see relieve even The simphmtoms are week. I hace 1 year without sexual intercourse with my wife.
thnks for you opinion.

Antonio - we have spoken about this before if you recall.  First, I need you to understand that you shouldn't be stopping anti-depressants again - ever.  With the number of relapses you have had you will (should) be on an anti-depressant for the rest of your life to prevent further episodes.  Second, if you are not now getting therapy (some kind of talk therapy like CBT) than you NEED to see someone.  Your issues are not something you can deal with alone.  When you are depressed and even when you are between episodes you cannot trust your own mind so get a therapist today.  There are low cost and no cost options for people with financial problems.  If you need this kind of help seek it from the state funded medical resources.  If I remember correctly you are not in the US and there should be options available for you wherever you live.  Third, if you have been on medication since August and it is not helping you need something in addition or something else.  You need to see your physician for an increase or alternative to what you are currently taking.  Fourth, I recall you have sexual issues because of unwanted or unneeded attraction to women outside of your marriage.  As long as you have these kinds of distractions it is going to be hard for you to refocus on your wife with your specific challenges - this is something that you need to deal with in therapy.  The correct anti-depressant can probably help you with your compulsion to fall in love with other women (again if I recall correctly) at the drop of the hat.  However, I believe this is more a therapy issues than an issue to be corrected with medication.

Hope that helps Antonio.


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I am a Doctor of Pharmacy with extensive experience in dealing with treating depression with medication available in the United States. I can answer questions about expectations on symptom resolution, side effects related to the pertinent medications, medication changes, complicated medicinal therapy and the use of antipsychotic medications as an adjunct to normal therapy. I am also well versed in the associated physical and emotional exercises that may help patients deal with varied levels of depressions without or with less medication when possible. I have been involved with a behavioral health clinic in this role for the last 3 years.


I am a registered Pharmacist. I am a Doctor of Pharmacy trained to read and interpret lab findings and the related depression and happiness surveys used to assess patients with mental health issues. I have been consulting with patients at a behavioral health clinic for the past three years to optimize therapy and avoid potential drug interactions and adverse drug reactions.

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