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My dear friend,
As you probably know, 10 tears ago, I suffered two episodes of reactive depression, due to de fact that I fall in love with a con woman. The second one, I thought I had a vaccination against depression because I sufered a previous one. The second episode was really terrible. I did not have money to pay a psychiatrist and to buy medicines. 2 years ago I suffered a 3rd, episode of reactive depression just for having sexual intercourse with a girl that was just pulling my leg, twenty years younger than me. This episode was different I loss the appetite, I could not sleep, but a psychiatrist cured me with huge amounts of venlafaxine and agomelatin........! year ago I had  a 4th.episode of reactive depression just for kissing a girl on her mouth 30 minutes, without sexual intercourse. But this episode was different, not to much pain, wishes of cry, not sexual desire, anhedonia but three months ago I met a good psychiatrist who recommended me to take
*in the morning: 100 mg of lamotriyine, 150 of efexor
*Lunch time: 100 mg of lamotrigine and 20 mg. of escitalopran.
*At night:200 mg of lamotrigine, 2 mg of clonazepam and 1 mg of risperidone.
I feel good enough even the fact that I do not have sexual intercourse with my wife since 1 year. I have erection at night but I do not desire, even with Sandra Bullok. The worst thing is that according what I read in Internet due to the previous 3 painful episodes my neurones are almost destroyed,  and it is almost impossible to heal them. I really like you to give me your opinion about if my depression is chronic, recurrent or  distimia.
I am really terrified. I  am angry with my self beause all my psuchistrists (I am married) adviced me to look for calling girlsor masturbate or avoid fall in love with girl due to my pesonality ( I fall in love inmediatelly when I like a girl.
Please help me.

Hello Aurax,
Sorry  for the late reply.
If in between the episodes of depression, you were completely alright and asymptomatic, then you have recurrent depression. Depression may lead to neuro-biological changes in brain, some of which can be long lasting and irreversible. You can deal with depression by proper medications and regular compliance, adopting healthy lifestyle like good sleep and healthy food, abstinence from alcohol and cigarette and regular exercise.  All the best.

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