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Dealing with Depression/I'm isolated and depressed at work after getting caught in a lie


I lied about something stupid at work (family related). I didn't really need to do it, and I really regret what I've done. Now, I can't look my workmates in the eye when I'm around them and I feel embarrassed all the time. One of my colleagues told everybody what I've done and expanded the rumors all over the office. They all look at me like I'm a sociopath and some even laugh in my face.

I can't quit my job because I need it, but I feel like I'm in hell. Like I said, I told one big lie about my family and they discovered it. Most people stopped talking to me after that. Even to the ones that I told them the truth, seems like I lied, hence they ignore me and think that all my tales were lies.  

I walk around looking depressed and some of them were kind of forgiving, inviting me to eat something with them or smiling at me, but I can't get over the fact that they think I'm a sociopath.

At first, I din't realize what was going on and I kept believing my lies, even though my coworkers looked a bit hostile. Now I have to go to work and feel depressed about what happened. I feel like I'm isolating myself. I'm really good at telling lies, but I really regret what I've done. I fear more people find out about what I've done and this could damage my future.

Do you have any advise on how to deal with this situation? Everybody looks down on me and I can't even look these people in the face. I only lied one time, and it looks like I made up my whole life. I really need this job, so I have to find the way to cope with this situation.

The best approach is damage control. When you're with people who are more forgiving, talk about the problem, tell them why you lied and how bad you're feeling, even though it's hard to talk about, you need to get them on your side and have them counteract the damage for you.
With some people on your side, and with time, this too will pass.

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