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Dealing with Depression/People at work realized I have no life and I can barely cope with it


Mr St. Tai,

After reading some previous Answers, I think you're the right expert to help me. The problem is: I have no life of my own and I've been telling lies at work, so I got caught and now I'm living the biggest embarrassment in whole my life. I just need to get over it somehow.

At first, I suspected a colleague was psychologically bullying me and I accused the guy in front of the boss. I still suspect he's, but far from the boss' eyes. I know something about his private life and he's been manipulating me to damage my reputation even more ever since. I'm not good with people, so he's been pretty successful at doing so. He also told me a false rumor about another colleague, but I can't prove it. They all think I'm nuts and a pathological liar, so my word doesn't count anymore.

I only told one lie to two people, but now seems like I've been lying to everyone all the time. As the months went by, I came to realize that everyone treats me too kindly, out of pity. It's not difficult to spot that I'm lonely, so not only they do know I don't have a personal life, but they also think I lie all the time.

Now I just can't walk with my head up again. Everybody has pity on me at work, my image  and credibility are ruined and the guy who's been bullying me made me look like a fool in front of everybody. Like I told the boss when I faced him, I need the job and I can't quit, so I need a way to get over this situation. I really need your advice on this one, so I'd appreciate your answer.

Sorry about the late reply- I was out of town.
A lie is only as damaging as people remember it to be.
For now you must sit tight, weather the storm, and look for chances where you can prove your worth to all your friends at work.
It's hard, but with time, it's not difficult to achieve new credibility and trust.
Rather than being sensative about it, walk with head high and shoulders back, say "Fuck it, I made a mistake, but you all make mistakes, it's not just me, so fine, I'll do my best to be better, but I am not about to put up with being treated this way just because I made one mistake."

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