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Dealing with Depression/controlling anger nd granny ...


"Hellow Sir!

I am finding it hard to control my anger. two granny r at my home . nd one is scared to sleep. She don't sleep unless someone is sleeping in same room with her, Also she ask tooo many question. She ask one question almost ten times a day. even if she know the answer. I am finding it hard to control my anger and i am afraid i may end up disrespecting her.She has already  lost respect in my eyes ... i hate to say this but it's true.My questions r...

Q1) How to control anger when my granny is asking same question again nd again due to with i can't concentrate on laptop.
Q2) How to make granny feel secure ...

she z creating so much trouble for everyone that everyone consider her a huger burden...

Mahreen Junaid"

When you get angry with her, remember the following:
1: You wouldn't be in this world without your granny.
2: She won't live forever.
3: When you are her age, you will probably be the same way and you won't like it if the younger people are not patient with you.

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