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I have an urgent request for advice to help a 30 year old boy, who seems to have lost his way
May I tell the story?
This child was born a twin, His twin is a girl and he has 5 other siblings
Childhood was normal for  this young man, at the age of 11 he was supposedly raped by his football coach ,he was never the same again and it was never proven  .The event was bought to light many years later.
By the time he was 14, This young mans personality had changed drastically, he started to lie, steal and tell wild stories and there was a lot of troubled arguments and heated exchanges from him and his family and friends whom he stole from lied to and hurt so bad.
By the age of 19 he was drinking and gambling heavily and displaying anti social behaviour
He would sneak in to the their rooms after they retired for the night ,crawling across the floor to steal their wallets etc
He was not on Drugs but mostly intoxicated
Without alcohol, he was a soft gentle young man who seemed so full of love and caring for the people around him,But, one small sip of alcohol he became a completely different person/who believes
in his own lies and does not recognise he is guilty of anything
I have watched many different character's and personalities play out in this young  man
He has tried to commit suicide and admits he has depression
He is known to get on the computer and pretend to be one of his brothers or sisters or some other character, and tell his friends that this young man has died and tell them all about the funeral and how many people attended, how loved he was, and that he died with millions of dollars and ask did they know this young man and how loved he was and then go on to tell other grand stories about himself. He cannot work ,he is always intoxicated and cannot settle into a normal life
he has alienate himself , and each sibling has a bizarre story or 10 to tell about this young man and all have turned their backs on him except his Mum who loves him so
You cannot talk to this young  man about his problems, to him the world has a problem not him. Or none of the problems existed at all
Now that I have written all the negatives about this young man
I would like to tell you the positive side
The base core of this young man, without the multiple personalities is a soft gentle soul who needs his family so badly, Cannot and does not know, that he has done anything wrong
A form of amnesia, If you will,  and of course denies everything.
It is hard to paint a picture of his pure heart and innocence and profound sadness amongst the chaos of this troubled soul who really has a heart of gold and is lost in a troubled mind of lies and deceit, conflicting emotions here as I try to explain someone who has so many different sides to himself, and yet, I see the innocent broken child within,
His family has done so much to help him over the years , but alas they cannot deal with it anymore the problems are insurmountable
My Question!
How do I help this young man who does not seem to realise how sick he really is
How do I prove his instability
Where would I begin to help this young man? especially as he does not believe there is anything wrong with him
I would appreciate any advice ,link to mental health problems or explanation to what has happened to cause his bazar personality changes, How can I start the process of this young mans healing without his permission
Any advice would be greatly appreciated and respected
Regards Cardy

Hello Carkdy,

I have a fair idea as to what may be wrong with him but whether we can help him depends entirely on his willingness to be helped. If he believes he is not ill, or that there is nothing wrong with hime - in other words he is not motivated - then there is little we can do. Motivation is absolutely essential if we want to overcome his problems. f not motivated do not encourage him to behave min this way.

But for your own information I believe he should be tested for hypoglycemia ( to start off with. His behaviour is may be due to hypoglycaemia, in which case, the first step of treatment is the adoption of the hypoglycemic diet (  He will then automatically stop the craving for drugs in most cases. IN other words I suggest to you that you should familiarise yourself with gtyhe nutritional aspects of addiction, violence and any other behavioural abnormalities by reading many articles I’m have written on the subject.  Please read:

Why Alcoholics Drink
Alcoholism is a Treatable Disease
Depression is a Disease of Energy Production
I also advice you to read my book, which is freely available at Google Book Search at:
Getting off the Hook

If you have any further problems please contact me or discuss with a nutritional doctor .

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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