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Hello! An answer to your question:i m a 28 year old male, married, 1 kid 1.5 year old daughter.. i was diagnosed with OcD 2 years back. unwanted thoughts of incest with my daughter, mom, sisters, sexual thoughts giving yuck feeling r my chief complaint. despite that i dont have any wish to act on these thoughts still they keep on coming again and again. my heart keep on trembling whole day. i m feared that what if i start acting on these henious unwanted thoughts.i feel anxiety whole day. recently i had a very strange thought pattern that if my family dies then i will be free from work burden. i will sleep whole day without any restriction,.. i feel extreme guilt that i wished death of my whole family. I LOVE THEM N NEVER WISH ANY PAIN TO THEM> i feel that GOD is angry with me and i will be destroyed... i took SSRI for 7 months. but no benefit. then 2nd psychiatrist medicines for 2 montha. no benefit. then 3rd medicine for 1 month no benefit. now i took 5 sessions of hypnotherapy completed last week. no benefit with HYPNOTHERAPY n HOMEOPATHY. please help me some how. i have spent all my savings in HYPNOTHERAPY treatment. please help me somehow. i m in extre
me pain. please tell me what is the chance of me getting alright. thanks in advance. noone in my family knows about my disease.


You need to check if you have tried appropriate medication for adequate amount of time. SSRI is a vague category. Specific medication for OCD is Fluvoxamine / Fluoxetine and Clomipramine. These three are known to act against OCD. The course is anywhere between 9 months to a few years. The time period you have mentioned is too short for one to judge the efficacy of the medication. And doses might also have to be increased.

I cannot comment upon the other two modes of treatment you have mentioned as there is no evidence to prove their effectiveness in psychological disorders. Currently the three medicines i have mentioned are the preferred ones, in addition to behavior therapy as a combination treatment for OCD.

Hope this helps.  

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"Effect of Indian classical music on quality of sleep in depressed patients: A randomized controlled trial" - (Main Author) - Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, Volume 18, Issue 1 March 2009 , pages 70 - 78

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