Dealing with Depression/lack of motivation


Someone wrote at 2014-03-06 15:08:10

Sorry for what you are going through. I am not a medical expert however I also feel somewhat depressed due to my problems so i can understand what it feels like.

Please don't be sad or nervous because it's of no help. Also things like smoking, drugs won't help. No doubt some things are not at all easy to deal with and something are not so much in our control, Try to take your life as a challenge. Give up the old perceptions and do not limit yourself of what you thought earlier. Just continuously try new ways of thinking and find out what's the best you can make of everything. One thing that you can try is start thinking to manage the situations as an efficient manager or maybe a courageous commander or something like that. Respect Yourself. Always. That's most important along with self confidence. Please try to refresh yourself and rediscover your qualities and talents. Try to find what new work or activity makes you interested and happy. Just ignore negative things. Don't give them any importance. Give your well-being the most importance and priority. As the saying goes, do what you or sometimes, it's better to like what you do. If it's possible explore options of studying and working somewhere if you like.  Also always try to be good to your parents, friends and others and most importantly, Yourself, and appreciate yourself for it. You can be your own best friend!

hello world wrote at 2014-03-07 08:12:11
Hi! Some things which can help you:

1. Listen to Music and/or play games, as you like

2. Read some good stuff and don't waste any time

3. Eat good wholesome food and eat it with taste and interest

4. Take your favorite chocolate or mint or fruit juice after meal

5. Try some deep breathing exercise for peace and taking walk outside for freshness

6. Drink sufficient water and breathe sufficient oxygen

7. Take good sleep in the night

8. Visit good expert if required

9. Try improve interaction with family and friends

10. Think what you like and think what's good for you

Have a Nice Day!

Dealing with Depression

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