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Hello. I m a 29 year old male from india diagnosed with ocd n depression 2 years back n being treated for the same. But no benefit. I took medicines first for 7 months. No benefit. Then hypnotherapy. No benefit. Now again medicines fir past 5 months with mood elevators. But no benefit. I experience unwanted thoughts of sex with family members, death of family members etc intruding my mind while i dont eish to act on them. They r terribly real. Like that i really wish to act on them. But when i think them intentionally i hate those acts n will never act on them. I m doing self EXPOSURE N RESPONSE PREVENTION therapy after some guidance. But the thoughts r increasing day by day. I m married n feeling impotency because of this mental condition. Even viagra doesnt act now. When i was a kid of 10-15 years i felt impulses of doing naughty things. I did them once .never repeated but did once to experiment. Those impulses used to pop up like they r popping up now a days. Like fondling genitals of my mom,sisters, n a kid 1.5 yaers old who were sleeping with me in same room. I watched sex scene in english movie which popped in my mind when i went to sleep n did that fondling in a curiosity of HOW IT FEELS. THose were 15 years back. I never wished to repeat. For last 4 years i was feeling guilt of those acts continuously n was diagnosed with ocd n depression. I have left my work .unemployed now. Keep on fighting with all these thoughts. Keep on blaming myself for my condition. Keep on remaining sad n tearful in guilt of these real seeming thoughts. Unable to commit suicide because of love of family.. Please help me. Please guide me. Thanks

If you have not acted on the thoughts you are still OK. Do not fight the thoughts but allow them to flow through your mind until they fade. If another unwanted thought comes, allow it and let yourself relax saying to yourself: "It is OK to think anything as long as I do not act it out."

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