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Dear Jurriaan Plesman,

I am a 40 y/o husband & father of a 4 year old boy.  I have a college degree from a top university.  Since graduating from university (16 years ago) I have struggled to find my "place" in the job sector, if not the world.  I have never really been a 9-5, office type person.  I like being challenged, mentally, and/or in charge of things.  My original plan, as a child, was to become a commercial pilot.  However, college sports derailed that plan.  I could go back & fly now, but it's not practical at my age, and given my family situation--pilots get very low pay in the USA for a while, not to mention the high costs of training.  Anyway all this has caused recent depression.  I am already prone to depression, as I am a deep thinking person.  I get depressed when the summer, and all the fun activities associated it with end.  I get depressed realizing my boy won't be a precious toddler for much longer.  And I really get depressed because I feel lonely when my weekend friends abandon us to go to their weekday jobs.  I know they have to, but I feel so empty when they leave.  I was raised in a very big Armenian family, in which people were around all the time, laughing, joking, hugging, etc.  I find I am most happy in these situations.  I almost wish I lived in the tribal days, when communes of people were around each other day & night.  These are my current psych struggles.  

Do you have any advice on how to cope with these things?

And can I find peace/happiness in a "mundane" desk job?  I just feel like I want so much more out of my life.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this and help me.  :))

Very sincerely,

Hi James,
The fact that the end of summer may trigger depression in you indicates to me that your depression is not so much psychological as a physical matter.  The approach of winter means that you start to lack vitamin D, the sun shine vitamin, which is necessary among others  in the production of feel good neurotransmitters. Vitamin D is not the only nutrients necessary in Beating Anxiety and Phobias  depression. Please read:

Depression is a Nutritional Disorder


Depression is a Disease of Energy Production

These conditions are due to hypoglycemia ( which can be treated by adoption of the hypoglycemic diet. (

Once you start to feel better on this diet, you should consider to study a course in self-help psychotherapy as explained at:
Summary of Psychotherapy Course

The Values Clarification course should give you an idea as to where you future lies.

If you strike any problems I suggest you/n contact a nutritional doctor for a proper assessment of your nutritional status.

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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