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my daughter is 15 years old few months ago she starts to show some changes in behavior. she washes her hands with a lot of water and soap. she is afraid from any thing that may be unclean. if I cough in the room she leaves it. no body can come close to her, she is afraid from infection. she refuses to go outside with us and spends too much time on the internet sleeping too much late. she changes her clothes many times a day. our life is going very bad and sad. please help

Hi Mostafa,

Obviously, your daughter had a traumatic experience a few months back that left her with this phobia and deep-seated fear of things being unclean and infection. You need to talk to her as to what happened that caused her to be imprinted and programmed, and donít accept answers that are based in denial or ignorance. She knows, but she also may be afraid to tell, and that may be an even BIGGER issue, as she may have fear of what you might say or do if she told you the truth. What may appear to be one problem may actually be related to something completely different, and you will have to thread your way though her responses to find the hidden truth.

The human psyche is very fragile yet strong at the same time. Once a person is subjected to a traumatic experience, shock and disbelief create the Minds attempt to disassociate itself from what it is feeling. Unable or unwilling to express all that it felt during the experience, the Mind, in an attempt to do what it thinks it needs to do to save itself, cuts this portion of its Being off and creates what I call a fragment. Being imprinted by the experience, it also creates programs and beliefs as to how it is to re-act (not respond) to any future probable experiences.  

There is a lot more, and if you are interested in learning more about how to heal oneís Mind and emotions, you can order my book 2 from the distributor on my website at  I will also be providing eBooks in the near future. I donít recommend any prescription drugs, or cognitive therapy as that will just add to her problems. If you have a hard time getting her to open up to what happened, you might also try using meditation (if she is open to it) as a tool to access what is being hidden from the conscious Mind. My book 1, provides details as to how to use meditation to do this.


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