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hello, my name is fern and i am a 21 year old female. i am currently going to college and working a part time job with my parents' business. I'm pretty content with my life and am very thankful for it. i really can't complain about my life, its really great. however, i discovered that i go through these episodes of depression. my mood fluctuates a lot. sometimes i become so sad that i just want to cry, i feel a lack of motivation for anything and avoid any form of socialization with people. i feel guilty and my self-confidence is just low. i tried to associate these feelings with my period, i think "i feel like this because I'm gonna get my period" soon after i get my period, my mood does get better. i suddenly feel happy, i feel like i want to go out and socialize. i feel unstoppable-confident, i feel lie i could talk about anything-my mind is a river flowing with many thoughts. but then again, a few days later i feel down in the dumps and i feel like i don't really know what to talk about. its been about a year that I've had these symptoms and at first i thought maybe its just a phase, but after a long period of this same cycle, i became desperate for help. it hurts to feel the way i feel. so i looked up my symptoms thinking i might be clinically depressed. after various "depression tests" i concluded that i had a mild case of Cyclothymia. now of course, i know i shouldn't diagnose myself without getting a consultation. but all the symptoms associated with this illness linked exactly to what i was going through. i really don't think i need antidepressants or anything too crazy, but i do want to enhance my mood and just feel happy. is it hormonal? is it a chemical thing? please, any feedback would be great. i really do appreciate your time and help. also, i was thinking about taking 5htp, a mood enhancing supplement. do you think this might suppress my "depression?" honestly when I'm sad i have a lack of motivation, i try to justify these feelings but honestly i have to reason to feel such negativity. i have a good life with people that i love. i hope to hear from you soon! thanks so much

I am pretty certain that, from what you've described, it is hormonal.
Go see your doctor, get checked out, and they may be able to offer some balancing solutions :)
Self diag is not a good idea cause quite often we see what we think we'd see.
Lol I tried that once when I had a bad case of flu concluded I either had a common cold or AIDS :)
So don't scare yourself needlessly, go see a professional.

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It is okay to feel down and out once every so often, as long as you know to reach out for the hands that will pull you back up. I can answer questions about self esteem improvement, relationship with others, depression, and sexuality. I will/cannot give medical advice without an actual examination of the person and his/her medical history, so for those issues, best to find a local specialist/doctor to be safe.


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