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hello, my name is fern and i am a 21 year old female. i am currently going to college and working a part time job with my parents' business. I'm pretty content with my life and am very thankful for it. i really can't complain about my life, its really great. however, i discovered that i go through these episodes of depression. my mood fluctuates a lot. sometimes i become so sad that i just want to cry, i feel a lack of motivation for anything and avoid any form of socialization with people. i feel guilty and my self-confidence is just low. i tried to associate these feelings with my period, i think "i feel like this because I'm gonna get my period" soon after i get my period, my mood does get better. i suddenly feel happy, i feel like i want to go out and socialize. i feel unstoppable-confident, i feel lie i could talk about anything-my mind is a river flowing with many thoughts. but then again, a few days later i feel down in the dumps and i feel like i don't really know what to talk about. its been about a year that I've had these symptoms and at first i thought maybe its just a phase, but after a long period of this same cycle, i became desperate for help. it hurts to feel the way i feel. so i looked up my symptoms thinking i might be clinically depressed. after various "depression tests" i concluded that i had a mild case of Cyclothymia. now of course, i know i shouldn't diagnose myself without getting a consultation. but all the symptoms associated with this illness linked exactly to what i was going through. i really don't think i need antidepressants or anything too crazy, but i do want to enhance my mood and just feel happy. is it hormonal? is it a chemical thing? please, any feedback would be great. i really do appreciate your time and help. also, i was thinking about taking 5htp, a mood enhancing supplement. do you think this might suppress my "depression?" honestly when I'm sad i have a lack of motivation, i try to justify these feelings but honestly i have to reason to feel such negativity. i have a good life with people that i love. i hope to hear from you soon! thanks so much

Hi Fern, It seems to me reading your post that you may have mood swings, which in the extreme form may be called bipolar disorder.  But I would not get confused by labels, but rather look at natural ways of treating any kind of mood disorders.  There’re many causes of mood disorder, but perhaps the most common is is hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

I suggest you read:
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Please come back if you have any further questions. If problems persist, I suggest you get a referral to a nutritional doctor.

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