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Hi I'm Sheila and I'm 18 years old. Lately I've been feeling down and hopeless. All the bad things that have happened in my life has been disturbing my mind lately and its making me feel so bad and angry with myself. I hate myself so bad that all I could do was cry. I feel so hopeless and its affecting my academic life I can't imagine my future I can't picture myself being successful. All I could think of is that I am going to fail in life and would be a big disappointment to my family. Every time I go out and go to school I feel like everyone hates me I don't like being in front of class and every time I saw a group of students laughing and whispering with each other I feel like they are talking about me. I don't like feeling it because it makes me feel bad. Every time I go home all the horrible things that had happened to me keeps on coming back and I feel like I was stab a hundred times with a knife. And all I could do was cry and I just want to forget them but it just keep on coming back and haunting me. I tried cutting because I like seeing blood and the scars in my hand it makes me feel good even for a short period of time. I really want to tell you everything but I think it would be too long. I want to seek professional help but I'm afraid. I'm scared that they are just going to tell me that I am just exaggerating things and overreacting. I feel so tired my back is always aching and I've been sleeping longer than normal. Am just imagining things?

Hi Sheila Marie,

You seem to have all signs of depression. Why it may appear to be difficult to overcome is usually due to the fact that depression is not what many people assume to be a “mental illness”, but rather a physical illness. It should be treated as a physical illness. The most common illness associated with depression and anxiety is hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (
lease do so.
If you want to discuss this a nutritional doctor or any other health care worker. Let us know how you are getting along.

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