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Bball wrote at 2009-06-09 07:55:41
This happened a long time ago.. but I was readin it.. and decided I wanted to add to it.. in case someone came across it like I did.. When a person has depression.. it can be hard.. just like all relationships have there tough spots.. but if you love this man.. and he is someone you want to be with.. there are DEFINATELY ways to get through this.. just the way that in the past I am sure you have got through tough times.. he is still a good person .. he just has moments.. or days where things can be sad and hard.. love him more! Support him.. and on the good days.. he will appreciate and love you even more!

Briony wrote at 2009-06-16 17:55:27
This is exactly how I feel about my relationship.

I'm 18 and am suffering from mild depression, I've chosen not to take anti-depressants however I'm taking St Johns Wort which is a herbal alternative. Maybe your boyfriend should try it?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and up until a few months ago I was crazily in love with him and very happy.

However, the worries of moving away to Uni has caused my depression and now I feel worthless all the time and like my boyfriend deserves someone better.

I know I don't want to break up with him but because I always feel so empty and blank I don't feel in love at the moment which is making me push him away. I wish I wasn't doing it because it makes me sometimes want to break up with him even though deep down I know I don't want to lose him.

My boyfriend is very supportive which is really important because when you feel this low you need all the support you can get. Just be there for your boyfriend, even when he pushes you away.


Debbie wrote at 2009-10-01 12:33:43
Hello my friend,

I can totally relate to your circumstances. I am in a relationship with the most wonderful man and love him with all my heart. We have recently become engaged and he is So good to me! However, this wonderful man is suffering from depression and i knew this going into our relationship. I just don't understand! Things can be going great during the day

and then all of the sudden the bottom falls out because of even the smallest issue at his work,etc...

I really love him and I'm worried that because of his depression he will just let a great thing fall by wayside. I can't control the future and worrying about it all the time will not help, so i have decided to just do all i can to show him how much i love him and pray that God will help us get through this.

Stressed wrote at 2013-03-07 20:23:47

I feel like I am talking to myself. Your story is exactly like mine with your boyfriend. Although my boyfriends circumstances are different (hates his job, can't save money because of bills, hates that he bought a house that's a money pit) he is exactly the same.

So scary to see that this exact same thing is happening to someone else. When I finally pried out of him what was wrong he said the exact things that your boyfriend said to you, he pushed me away and we took a three week break so he could sort out his feelings and he asked me to come back because he missed me and loved me and knew it wasn't me making him sad. When you said "  He said that nothing else shoul dseem important because he has me. However, thats not how he feels right now" GOD its like I am hearing myself talk!

His circumstances haven't changed, we were good for a few months after I moved back in, but hes doing it again and its driving me insane! I know that I should be supportive, I know that I should prove that I love him but I am at my wits end! We have been together almost four years, we live together and he is just pushing me away. He goes in the other room, sits at the other end of the couch, won't even look at me. I am visually upset because I just feel so unloved I am trying to be strong but I am frustrated. He won't come over to me or comfort me when I am upset, he just pushes himself further away.

I love him, hes a great guy, but this is just so stressful. I just like you have no idea what I am going to do...  

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