Dealing with Depression/wrist cutting


Spike wrote at 2007-03-26 05:48:56
Personally, I think people cut because they don't know how to express their feelings. That's why I do it and a lot of my friends know I do. I do it almost daily. I'm not depressed. I guess it's just a way to let me know I'm still a living human being. I am a very emotional person and I'm not afraid to hide them but sometimes I have a hard time getting my feelings out in words, and when I eventually can, nobody's there who is willing to listen. I do admit that some people cut because of depression which is a bad thing but if they're not cutting deep enough to hurt themselves then it's not a huge problem as of right now. Keep an eye on the cuts though. Shallow cuts are no worse than falling off of your bicycle. It may hurt but you're not going to die.

mee wrote at 2007-10-24 06:05:24
I think you should get her help ... things could get really bad. If they are little cuts it still matters little cuts lead to bigger and deeper cuts and not deep cuts can still get infected and every thing and if you do it enough you could lose a lot of blood which is very unhealthy and can cause other illnesses

ophelia wrote at 2008-04-14 16:03:03
You can't issue an ultimatium : your friend needs support. If you criminalise it, she just won't tell you. It is important to be open and honest, but not to pressure. Only she can decide to "get better".

Sonickiwi wrote at 2009-05-29 21:15:28
Who ever this jerk of a doc is...has got all the F*** ppl he loves near wudn really know the pain of seperation and lonliness....ask him to shut d f up and get going!!!!

Jane wrote at 2013-06-25 07:15:19
Please please do not reject your friend or give her ultimatums. This will only further harm her. Tell an adult. Ask for help

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