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Dealing with Employees/False Accusations


Charlie wrote at 2013-02-26 17:08:34
I understand your situation, but at what point can the manager take action? This has happened to me four tomes now. At what point do I have a case of slander. These attacks play out with the rest of the team, and they don't know all the facts, because I'm not supposed to "discuss it". This divides the work place and now others sure being influenced by this sort of behavior, what happened to accountability! The cases against me are based on being a " white manager" I feel the " company" I work for is just looking out for their financial interest, and at some point they will see it as cheaper to rid me than deal with them! In the mean time my character and professionalism continuos to be questioned. Can I at any time file my own claim? Each of the four times I wrote up employee, there were multiple witnesses that verified their behavior. Some were actual patient complaints I had to follow up on.  

Dealing with Employees

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