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Dealing with Employees/how to motivate an employee that would like to leave the company


I just found out that one of my team's best performers is considering leaving IBM for a competitor.I heard that his/her reason is to earn more money. The other company is a better paying job. i would likr to convince her to stay but does not know what to say. What should I do?

Dear Jill:

I would determine whether you truly should talk her out of leaving.  First, ask yourself the following questions about this employee.

a.)Does this employee’s work effort contribute to the achievement of my work area’s organizational mission?

b.)Does this employee cooperatively and professionally work with all teammates (this includes you as the team’s manager) to achieve results that support my work area’s organizational goals and objectives?

c.)Do this employee’s behaviors foster a work environment that creates Joy, Freedom, and Growth?

If the answer to ALL questions is "NO," then let her leave for her new job elesewhere.  If the answer to ALL questions is "YES," then you should try to keep her.  

As for tryng to convince her to stay, I would have a private conversation with her.  In this meeting, I would ask her to explain in detail and with honesty WHY she is considering leaving IBM.  Maybe her answer is more money.  Perhaps it's something else.  You need to hear it from her in her own words.  Once you have this answer, let her know that you need some time to think about how you can help.  Ask her to give you a few days to a week to figure it all out.  Then, write me again to let me know what she told you, and I'll give you the answer you need, hopefully, to convince her to stay.  Bear in mind that if she's already made up her mind to leave, there's very little you can do about it, but your boss may be able to help.  Let's see what she says first before going to your boss.

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