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Hi Alice,

We are a new non-profit organization called A Kind Voice.  We operate a call-in line to help people feeling a bit alone to connect with volunteers to have phone conversations.  We are staffed by 25 volunteers.  If youd like to know more about us, please go to:

Id like to get your thoughts on a procedure to efficiently manage volunteers who work remotely from their homes.  The volunteers are scheduled for specific times and get calls routed to them during those times.  They have a regular weekly schedule.  So the objective of the procedure is to help assure volunteers are available to take calls during the shift they signed up for.

Some of the volunteers work one 2 hr shift per week, others are home alone all the time and are available from 9AM to 10PM.  So we may need a different procedures for different types of volunteers.

Some possibilities include:
- An online sign in system
- Asking them to send an email
- Asking them to call in

I appreciate your help.


Hi David,

It sounds like you are providing a wonderful service.  Bless you and your volunteers!

Since these folks are volunteers, I wouldn't make it too complicated. You just need a system that lets you confirm folks are available for their scheduled shift.  

I suggest you have them sign in by email before each scheduled shift, letting you know that they are ready and available to take calls.  Have them send a second email when they are signing off and no longer available.

Take care.  I wish you well.

Alice J. Bogert  

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