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"Dear Operation Manager,

With this letter I wish to inform you that I will be resigning from my position with SBT Myanmar as Sales executive as of 8.2.2013.
I regret any inconvenience that this will cause, and will do my best to have my current projects finished before my last day.
I wish you and the company much success.


May Thu Htet

cc: HR Manager "

I want to know that whether the above letter is suitable to send to the manager or not. If not, what should I add to the letter? Can you please answer it? This is my very first work. The reason why I resign is I want to sit the entrance examination of MBA here in Burma (Myanmar) and also want to try scholarships for international students. Thank you for giving time to read my letter.

Wish you all the best,
May Thu Htet.

May Thu Htet;

Your resignation letter is succinct and very direct. It only leaves open-ended ideas as to why you are leaving; which is not necessarily something you need to include as answerable in a letter of resignation.

You might prepare an exit briefing in case asked to provide one. Much depends upon how your employer feels about losing you. Decide what you can tell them and what you are willing to reveal without damaging your future. Without knowing more about the people involved this is difficult to advise so use your strengths to define your strategy. Maintain empathy for their position, and good employers know people move on to new strategies and opportunities.

Ask yourself this: Could I ask the employer I am leaving for a reference and would they truthfully give a positive one that would help my future and not harm it?

If the answer is yes, then the letter as written is enough.

Best of luck to you in your MBA

Lee Fjelstad, Vice President of the Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.  

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