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Our department hired a new director four months ago. A month later I was then promoted from lead to supervisor and directly report to the new director. Things went well for the first month but, recently and only three months in this supervisor position; things took a turn for the uncomfortable and have become very frustrating. Because of lack of direction from upper management, personally feeing non-productive and a few incidents with the director I am considering to ask for my old role or leaving the department if offered; even if it means taking a pay cut.
I lost all respect for this person when I was told by the director; that even if the CEO asks me a question I need to honor the hierarchy and inform her prior to answering questions from the CEO. A statement made by the director in regards to following this hierarchy is "I won't be blindsided". The director utilized a poor example of respecting hierarchy by mentioning rank structure in the military. However, in the military if I was asked by a ranking person I answered and informed others of the action afterwards. I've always informed the director of conversations or work that was directed by the CEO or another director, however, this prompted the "I'll go to the union if this continues." response. The next statement made by the director just added to my loss of respect. "This is a man's town and I will not be disrespected; I am your reporting supervisor." I've since heard rumor that new director was on the verge of losing her supervisor role at the previous job which may be adding to this situation.
I've attempted to try and make an understanding that I am the type of person if posed a question I will assist when I can. I explained it is my philosophy to assist with solutions to help keep things going rather than a roadblock of channeling an answer. Especially channeling through a supervisor who may not have a full understanding of the environment and describing such will delay a positive outcome.
I'm at a loss...losing sleep, it's impacting my personal life and struggling with how to best handle this situation. As I mentioned I've been contemplating asking for reassignment to my former role, have been applying for other jobs w/in the institution in other departments and have even applied for jobs outside of this institution I have been employed at for nearly three years. I've even contemplated leaving the Agency as a whole of which in four months I will have fifteen years of service. I've even written a letter of resignation asking to resume my old role but, have not delivered to the CEO. I have expressed my frustration both verbally and orally to the CEO and director only to hear the "let's give it another month" from the CEO and that the director is frustrated but, that she is "not going anywhere".
Any advice?

-take  an appointment  with  the  director  and  have  an  informal  chat  over a  cup  of  tea/ coffee.
[at  the same  time ,explain, you  will reply  to  anyone  with  their  request.
Anything,  which  is  important, you  will  refer to  the  director  or  keep  her informed.]

-do  the same  with  the  CEO.


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