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hello= I have an employee who challenged my decision to send her to another location by emailing me with concerns about fairness and job description. after several communications, over about 12 hours, she then said she made up the whole scenario to test how i would handle her. this wasted several hours and several emails/communication time over something that -per her, now is deemed a test of my management skills- I have managed over 20 years at different facilities, and over her directly for the past 5.  i think she realizes that after all of her communications she was wrong, and is now using this "test" scenario as a way to backtrack and "get out of" being in trouble for mouthing off, dissent, and over all lack of team playing.  it's not against any specific policy- but what are your thoughts on this?  that an employee plots to actually test their direct supervisor, wasting both her and mine productivity. Insubordination?  I don't think she was particularly testing me at all, but as she uses this as an excuse I want to address that specifically and need help formulating ideas and speaking points. thanks

Dear Suzanne,

I would handle this in a direct, honest manner. I would tell this employee that you are always willing to discuss your decisions with her to clarify your position, if she is confused about anything, or she has new information that is out of your awareness. However, when a decision has been made you expect full compliance. What concerns you more is the fact that she would set-up a false disagreemen just to test how you would handle it. This wastes time and resources that could be used to accomplish the goals and objectives of the department and the company. If she has a real issue of how you manage her, then you should sit down and discuss specific issues in a responsible, adult manner. Emphasize the fact that you doubt she would appreciate it if you would play games with her instead of treating her in a direct honest way.

I hope this gives you some talking points to cover with this employee.

Good Luck

Joe Buys
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