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I've been working with a company for over 4 years, and I supervise 18 employees. For the past 6 months I've had another employee move into a supervisor role to work alongside me. This employee has no previous skills or experience - it's been my job to train him these past 6 month.
This new supervisor has been very difficult to train. He's been disrespectful, has lied to management on things I've said, refuses to take constructive criticism during his training, continues to make the most basic of mistakes and does not follow company and client rules and policies, has accused me of not being helpful and has told them I'm unreasonable. Half of the employees that we supervise have been given the incorrect answers to their questions on so many occasions, and this has lead to management and client blaming us both for a lack of communication. 6 months in, we were both told that if you did not learn to work together as a partnership, were would both be removed from our roles.
This new supervisor and I sat down one day and tried to work out our differences, and I told him that if we can't work this out, we will be fired. I said to him let's forget the past, begin again from the beginning, and fix this. He agreed. This conversation took place about 1 month ago.
3 days ago, management asked us both to work an investigation together on complaints received from the employees. During the course of this investigation, my name was mentioned. I was the focus of these complaints. I took a step back from this investigation and let this other supervisor take over.
2 days into this investigation, it has come to lite that there were 3 employees who accused me of verbally abusing and threatening employees indirectly, uttering threats of violence toward them. I was shocked.
Yesterday, I noticed these 3 employees sitting alone at lunch. This was unusual for them to be sitting together, they rarely did. So, I decided to record their conversation on my iPhone and left the room. 10 minutes later I returned and stopped the recording.
This morning, at home, I listened to the recording. I heard these 3 employees planning and conspiring together about be, talking about "getting our stories right", and "don't involve the other supervisor", and "let's play the race card tomorrow". The supervisor who I'd let investigate this on my behalf is also implicated in this recording. 2 of the 3 employees can be heard saying that they have been getting direction from him on what to say, and have even met with him outside work to discuss this. It's clear that this supervisor and these 3 employees have been conspiring against me to get me fired.
I spoke to my manager on the phone a few minutes ago, and his first words were "It'll be fine. We will work it out. No on is getting fired."
I think he's hoping this will go away, or they can sweep this under the carpet. I want these conspirators fired. I need them to be, because if they can do this once, they can do it again.
Please, any advise on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Geoff, This is a complicated situation and is difficult to give you the best solution as I don't have the entire picture. I'm not sure about the legalities of covertly recording conversations and using them against others at work- I'm not an employee attorney and I'm not familiar with work laws in Canada.

My first suggestion would be go to your HR Director.
My second suggestion is to post this question to another expert in All Experts- maybe one that is familiar with work laws in Canada (using covert recordings).

I'm sorry that I could not help you further.

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