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Hi I have an employee that filed a claim for Workers comp.  She claims a child pulled her hair and of course this caused a sprained neck, lower back issues and pain down her leg.  It was denied.  Because she is under the care of a doctor, how long do I hold her job?  She is a bad employee to begin with.  Calling out weekly and now this.  Any suggestions?  What should I lookout for and I know she sued another company and won.  I'm really at a loss.  She will see her doctor in a week and he may release her to go back to work.  Because she was on narcotics I told her she cannot come to work and be responsible for children.  Now after two weeks she has a doctors note.  

Help and thank you,  Kelly

Dear Kelly:

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, I'm not a labor lawyer.  So, my input on the legalities of handling a workman's comp. employee situation would be lacking.  So, my advice for you is to contact your Human Resource Dept. and/or your Legal Dept. to get the legal advice you need about workman's comp. claims and how to handle such employees while they are in this status. If you don't have access to either of these professional teams, then look for a labor law expert on this website to get some valid legal input.

One more point: If this employee successfully exits workman's comp. status and returns to work for you as a full or part-time employee with no special legal status, write me again.  Ask the question you imply above...How to handle a problem employee?  I've got a great answer for that situation, but it will not be useful to you unless your legal department is satisfied that the employee in question is reinstated as a regular (no special legal treatment) employee.



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