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I am interested in applying for a Training Coordinator position with my organization and was wondering if you can you think of some of the most common mistakes made when it comes to developing/implementing and evaluating work site training initiatives?

I appreciate any help you can give me!

Thank you!


There are a number of things, technically and philospically that should be used in evaluating a training program for adults. I will mention just a few. We have a "Train the Trainer" program that is 3 to 5 days long that covers a great deal of information on this subject that I can't cover here. However, here are several important concepts.

1. The objective of a great training program is to produce behavior change in participants, not just cover material.
2. To effect behavior change, it's important to present training material in all four of the learning styles:
    i) Reading ii) Watching iii) Listening and iv) Doing.
3. Adults bring a lot of experience to the training. For this reason, the trainer must respect each participants knowledge and opions.
4. Adults will be bored to death with straight lecturing. Get them up and active in participating in exercises and discussions.
5. Finally, as a trainer don't substatute what you like or how you learn for what the individual and collective participants need.

This is only the surface of the things needed to make a training program sucessful. However, it should get you started.

Good Luke

Joe Buys

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