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Dealing with Employees/Employee drinking before/during work?


Mike wrote at 2010-11-19 06:32:09
I would say let the guy have a few beers before he comes into work as long as hes not drinking AT work. You gotta understand hes just a regular worker stressed out from getting payed low wages. He does all the work and your just a manager you get to tell people what to do and get payed more money. This is his only reason for drinking and it's ok.

HRProfUK wrote at 2012-10-26 07:58:39
Kirstine are you a HR professional or lawyer? Because quite frankly your answer could open a whole load of other problems ie setting precident, the person bringing the company into disrepute, a whole series of H&S implecations.

If you have doubt be honest and ask the employee, it can be done tactfully honesty is the best policy not working along side blah blah this is giving the person totally the wrong idea.

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