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I live in North Georgia. I own a home on 2.295 acres. My neighbor put his home up for sale and found out after a survey that about 1/4 of his home is on my property. The builder was called in and he did a survey he confirmed it was true.  The land involved is a little less then 1/2 an acre. My neighbor had a meeting with the builder and was hinted that I could be forced to sell the property if I did not take the builders offer.  The builder offered $3,500. Based on the price I paid for the house and land that 1/2 acre cost me about $12,000. My question is, can I be forced to sell the land to the builder and if so can I be force to take his offer. Thank You. Steven Burgess

Normally you can't be forced to sell, but you may find yourself forced to grant an easement.  The problem is that the builder should have had a survey staked as part of his permit process.  Lacking that, you should have ordered a survey when you saw construction started to protect yourself.  I recommend you hire an attorney to help you with this.  Don't say another word to the builder or the neighbor, refer them to your attorney.  Your situation is a common problem discussed in real estate law classes.  The solution is usually found in court.

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