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I have property I’d like to sell.  I moved from it about five years ago and had difficulty selling the house in the declining housing market, so I decided to rent it.  I’ve now decided to try to sell it again, and I’m not sure how to find a good real estate agent that understands investment property and will be patient with my interest in getting at least market value for the house.  I went through three real estate agents when I first tried to sell the house, all with poor results, and that was with an empty house.  Now that I have renters, I’m really worried.  I want to sell the house, but I’m not desperate to sell it, so I’m looking for an agent who will actively try to show it, but treat me as a customer and not an employee, and also one knows something about dealing with renters and investment properties.  I would appreciate any advice you can provide in getting started.  Thanks in advance.

Dear Joe;

Thank you for your contact. I'd suggest checking the Yellow Pages for an "apartment finding," or other similar rental service. You may find one that is also a real estate broker, or such a company is likely to be in a good position to recommend one with whom they've had experience. This is approaching your challenge from the back side, but often turning the view of a problem in the reverse leads to a solution.


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